Music club + Bar + Cycling studio + Multifunctional space

always in motion. fascinated by music, city, people and the magic of freedom.

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We are a music club, bicycle studio, bar and a multifunctional space.

We are an autonomous component of Fuchs2.

Constantly in motion fascinated by music and movement within the city.

We build space for free individuality.

Experimetns, indie bands, hardcore, hiphop, alternative electronic music.

3 bars (2 indoors, 1 outdoor), campfire. Local products, craft beers, Italian, French and German wines. Shots, smart drinks and tiny food.

Capacity of 300 visitors inside. Right in the heart of the city in a safe distance from residential areas. We start in the evenings and finish whenever we want to.

Bike Jesus is a grassroot community. We recognize the original conception of club culture as a safe space for personal growth. We condemn any form of discrimination. Communication is the key. If you happen to be targeted by this kind of behaviour, please let us know. We are open to suggestions including the negative ones -


Bike spot

We are an extension of the BAJKAZYL community bicycle workshop chain. Natural born riders. Pockets full of spanners number 15 and hex keys. Pedal power forever. We lend tools, mounts, collect unique frames and components of the past. With the help of tens of thousands of kilometers in the saddle we build custom bikes. Recycle or die!